In the fight against chronic food insecurity and low household income, Global Seeds takes up a fight by working with smallholder farmers both as our customers and as contracted out growers.

We work with rural farming communities across Malawi and engage smallholder farming households in profitable Agriculture whereby we supply the farmer with all the necessary inputs on a zero interest loan. We organize the farmers in groups of ten and provide free extension services to them throughout the season using our well trained and experienced field officers who are also certified para seed-inspectors. At the end of the season we buy back the seed from the farmers at competitive pre agreed prices. We make sure the seed satisfies the minimum standards set by the Seed Certification Agency in Malawi, the Seed Services Unit (SSU).

Interested in Farming?

Whether you are a small, medium sized or even large scale potential or current farmer feel free to drop us an email and see the various services and products we have in store for you.

Global Seeds offers expert agronomic advice for those interested in farming from doing a soil testing on your farm to crop recommendation from our wide product range of cereals, legumes and tubers.

If you meet the requirements to become a seed producer of any of our crop varieties feel free to contact us you could become our next out grower!

Global Seeds can help you into profitable farming!